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About Us


Our Story

     Inspired by the financial crisis of 2008, the Omar Miller Foundation was established in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. The economic breakdown accelerated nationwide food insecurity, and we wanted to find a way to slow it down. At this pivotal point in time our founder, Omar Miller, was working with a television network when he recognized how much food was being wasted on set. He thought to himself there’s got to be a way to save the excess food from the garbage and get it to people who need it. Graciously the television network was willing to donate their overflow of food to food pantries, and the food insecure (etc.) but, they were faced with a mountain of legal liabilities which forced the project to halt.



     After diligent research and consulting with knowledgeable family members; Omar found that he could create a non-profit organization to properly distribute goods and it was on and cracking. Since the establishment of the Omar Miller Foundation our team has fed thousands of people in the United States and internationally. Our goals don’t stop there, we are looking to do all we can do through Christ who gives us strength. Now as of 2020, we all have been battling the deadliest health crisis of the century and with your prayers and support, we can be the difference that makes a difference in this world and fight this fight together.

Together We Can Make The Difference

     In some of the largest cities with the largest economies we have the largest populations of homeless people. What’s more unfortunate is that the cost of living continues to rise without an answer, leaving many families having to choose between food and a roof over their heads. This recipe for disaster has cooked up a national crisis where families and individuals are gentrified out of a home and are forced to seek shelter on the streets, in cars, under bridges and anywhere else they can find. 

     A lot of the homeless are forced to live in third world conditions that aren’t even up to the standards of the World Health Organization. We have witnessed first hand endless cases of the horrendous living conditions the homeless face. We have seen people sitting on a bus stop as a man lies face down underneath it, individuals with bugs crawling all over them as they nap in the park jump up as they hear “we have free water”, “we have socks”, people with injuries and illnesses that require immediate medical attention slowly dying under benches and trees, and children with skin eating diseases covered in grime asking us if we have any popsicles left as the sun beats them down.Going out and serving we have been blessed to experience the humanity of our fellow neighbors and their intrinsic value.

     It breaks our heart knowing that we live in such a thriving country yet we have thousands of people including children living in environments that are in many cases worst than refugee camps. This is what puts the fire in us to make a difference. Seeing children smile ear to ear with rotting teeth thank us for our donations inspires us. Watching people sprint for blocks to get their hands on our resources inspires us. The gratitude and love that our homeless neighbors reciprocate inspires us. Our mission is to provide living essentials to our neighbors. Our hope is that you also may be inspired and in whatever capacity small or large you make the time to share compassion with someone today. God Bless. 

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